Painless and Affordable Dental Implants In Bali

If you’re missing one or multiple teeth you might be need dental implant and require an abutment and crown to replace the missing tooth, and the result will be excellent if you have great supported bone and surrounding healthy tissue, it will look natural and you don’t even notice if you have dental implants in your mouth. And of course, also you will no longer have any gaps in your mouth

One of the reasons why many people are afraid to use dental implants is because of the high cost of dental implants in your country, and also the procedure that sounds uncomfortable to you, but it’s actually not like that.

When we talk about dental implants, surely we are talking about procedures that are expensive, invasive and sound not too comfortable and make many people afraid to go to the dentist.

but it’s actually not like that.

At Cosmodent Bali, we provide professional dental implant placement that are affordable and minimally invasive. We implement flapless or guided dental implants placement technique and recent technology, of course, with this procedure, many benefits can be obtained from patients.

patient will have 
less invasive procedure
without surgery
minimal post operative pain with very gentle hands experience in Cosmodent Bali

This procedure requires 2 visits to Bali with a time span of 2 weeks in Bali and with a gap of 4 to 6 months between visits. With a price of IDR 12 mill per implant and IDR 5 mill per implant crown and IDR 1.5 mill for surgical guide (optional for flapless implant).

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